Father’s Day - The Charge

June 21, 2017

One of the greatest gifts in life is being a Father, but it also brings great responsibilities and challenges.  Dad's are up for it though.....aren't they?  The godly men of today need to stand up and set an example for their families.  That's not a new challenge, but it can be difficult if you focus on your mistakes, hang-ups, and your sins.  Honestly, all three generally are found in the past, but because of what 'was' it affects what 'is'.  David was not a perfect father to Solomon, but he still gave a charge to his son which would guarantee his success as a servant of God.  Whether Solomon abided by his father's words is another story for another time, but David did his part, and its time for you, DAD, to do yours with the family God has blessed you with!


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