More than a Feeling - Part 2

July 25, 2017

There's all sorts of experiences in life which make us happy.  If you're like most people, you probably would rather be happy than sad.  There's nothing wrong with that, but we have to realize happiness is based in experiences and that is the problem with happiness.  Happiness can be short-lived because experiences are unpredictable.  What each of us needs is joy, but joy is found in a location rather than a situation.  Listen in to part 2 of our series as we learn how to live in joy no matter what we may be experiencing.


More than a Feeling - Part 1

July 19, 2017

It's amazing how much power we allow feelings to have over us.  They can chart the course of our day, change in a moment, and cause us to live in our own reality formed only by feelings.  Many complain they cannot 'feel' God at certain points in their life.  So, how do we 'feel' Him?  Is there even a way to maintain feeling with God?  While many will say we have to serve God beyond feelings, it is possible to feel Him; we should and we can!


Thriving in Dry Seasons: Part 2

July 5, 2017

When the Israelites find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, or rather the Red Sea and the Egyptian army, we hear them establish a pattern we will witness through their time in the wilderness as they cry out to God.  God's reaction to Moses in simple terms could be defined as, "Enough talk, more action."  Between messages, teachings, and seminars believer's today are full of God's Word, but we may lack the experience of His Word because we aren't practicing it.  We can find some encouragement in God's Word because it is His Word.  Greater encouragement can be found when we follow His Word.  This is where faith is developed in our lives.


Father’s Day - The Charge

June 21, 2017

One of the greatest gifts in life is being a Father, but it also brings great responsibilities and challenges.  Dad's are up for it though.....aren't they?  The godly men of today need to stand up and set an example for their families.  That's not a new challenge, but it can be difficult if you focus on your mistakes, hang-ups, and your sins.  Honestly, all three generally are found in the past, but because of what 'was' it affects what 'is'.  David was not a perfect father to Solomon, but he still gave a charge to his son which would guarantee his success as a servant of God.  Whether Solomon abided by his father's words is another story for another time, but David did his part, and its time for you, DAD, to do yours with the family God has blessed you with!


Thriving in Dry Seasons: Part 1

June 6, 2017

People seem to be unprepared for most difficulties in life.  Some may seem overprepared as they prep for any and every disaster which can strike, but they are few.  The majority live in the moment and use up whatever resources we've been blessed with in that moment.  When difficulty comes we are left unprepared because what was given to us as a supply through the dry season has already been used up.  God often invests in us what we will need for the dry seasons of life in our spirit, so let's be sure to remember His faithfulness.  In remembering who He is and what He's done, we will be led by Him in and through the dry seasons of life.   


Pass or Fail

May 22, 2017

There are so many areas of life where we settle because it is good enough.  We don't study too hard because a 'B' is good enough.  We don't work on our marriage because it is good enough.  Serving God isn't our highest priority because however we are serving is good enough.  What if I told you there is no such thing as 'good enough' when it comes to your salvation.  Salvation is a matter of being saved or not, but there is no good enough.  In this message, we dispel the idea of 'good enough,' why it is so dangerous to the believer, and how we should make every effort to be sure of our salvation.



May 22, 2017

It seems like Mom's can do almost anything.  They have so many attributes we can list and applaud, but in reality we sometimes dislike what she does best.  Mother's Day isn't meant to be a one-time day of honor.  It's the day we are reminded why we should honor her, and we honor her because of the attributes God has created into her nature.


You Do It!

May 10, 2017

We all have to admit that it is easier to shrug off responsibility to someone else.  It's easier to sit and point than get up, engage, and find your place of involvement.  Many times in the church we expect someone....the pastor, a teacher, or a person placed in charge.... to do whatever it is which needs to be done.  The problem with that is this:  If we are part of a church then each person, each need, each concern, and each challenge presents an opportunity for me to be involved in what God is doing in my church.  Instead of condemning the person we think should do something, we must help build up the church by taking initiative to be part of the solution.  Each person in the church can help make the church better than it ever could be when only one person was expected to do it all.


The Power: Preparation

April 26, 2017

How do you prepare for an exam?  1. You look over the material just before the exam is given?  2.  You study the material in advance?  3.  You look through your text book after the exam to get an idea of how well you did?  Sure, this a no-brainer, but it is no different if we were to talk about your spiritual readiness as a believer.  It is difficult for God to use us in a moment's notice if we have not taken the time to prepare prior.  Some may say, "Well, how do I prepare when I have no idea what could happen from day to day?"  Let's not overcomplicate this.  You can be spiritually prepared for whatever may come into your life from day to day, and God not only desires this, but enables it! 


The Power - Resurrection

April 20, 2017

If you're like anyone else, you probably have a list of what you'd like to change about other people.  What you found out is how difficult that can be.  What seems like a more impossible task is changing ourselves.  We may need to change our thoughts, behavior, and even attitudes which work against us.  Our problem is we see what needs to be different about us, but we have a hard time finding the way to make it happen.  Fortunately, Jesus can bring the change to our lives we really need because of the power of His resurrection.